Off To Never Land....

Think of a wonderful thought....
the Dapper Dans, churros, fresh hot popcorn, the Flag Retreat Ceremony, the wildest ride in the wilderness, sitting at the Hungry Bear waving at passerbys on the Mark Twain, the brakes needing a little work, the room actually stretching, nightly fireworks, the Frontierland music loop, Shrunken Ned, Dole Whips, Scot Bruce rocking and rolling at the Tomorrowland Terrace, and on and on....all of the wonderful things Disneyland contains that remind me of never growing up.
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Each year there is a different Gingerbread house in the dining room scene of the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay. They are real gingerbread houses designed by the talented culinary team of the Disneyland Resort.

2001-Haunted Mansion with arms counter balancing each other

2002-Giant Sack of Presents in the shape of a mansion

2003–Oogie Boogie on a Gingerbread Roulette Wheel

2004–Zero Haunted Mansion Dog House

2005–Mansion with the Maneating Wreath with tentacles with forks going after gingerbread men

2006–Possessed Gingerbread house with giant arms breaking apart the mansion from inside, and lifting off the roof of the mansion

2007–Giant Jack in the Box Mansion with a Jester Jack and Jack O’ Lanterns bouncing on springs

2008–Mansion in the shape of a Coffin, with a lid that lifts, and a giant gingerbread man that sit up in the coffin

2009–Scary Go Round – Carousel with gingerbread Bonedeer as vehicle, and Zero as one of the vehicles

2010–Haunted Mansion gravestone with giant gingerbread Jack popping up from behind

2011-Haunted Mansion that opens with monster teeth

2012-Jack’s Mansion from Halloweentown

2013- A Gingerbread Advent Calendar featuring 13 doors.

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