Off To Never Land....

Think of a wonderful thought....
the Dapper Dans, churros, fresh hot popcorn, the Flag Retreat Ceremony, the wildest ride in the wilderness, sitting at the Hungry Bear waving at passerbys on the Mark Twain, the brakes needing a little work, the room actually stretching, nightly fireworks, the Frontierland music loop, Shrunken Ned, Dole Whips, Scot Bruce rocking and rolling at the Tomorrowland Terrace, and on and on....all of the wonderful things Disneyland contains that remind me of never growing up.

Inside Disneyland’s Main Street Train Station, look for a shelf high overhead that serves as the station’s lost and found.
You’ll find a bone belonging to Pluto, the Genie’s lamp, the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, and several other familiar items…my favorite is a wooden leg engraved with the name “Smith,” a reference to a corny “Mary Poppins” joke.

I guess Houdini used marked playing cards in his tricks…..that ace in the Magic Shop window on Main Street USA looks a little suspicious to me.

Keep an eye out for hidden Ginger in the foliage on the far bank opposite the Indiana Jones Adventure exit path.

Captain Hook has long since abandoned sailing the high seas in favor of getting revenge on Peter Pan for ruining his life, that being, Peter cutting off Hook’s left hand and feeding it to Mr. Crocodile.
Of course, if could be argued that it’s all just a ruse….take a ride on Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland and watch the Captain’s hook go from right hand to left hand.

If you stick around for the very end of the World of Color Show at Disney’s California Adventure, keep your eye out for one fountain in particular.
After all the other fountains turn off, one little orange fountain remains on for a couple seconds as it bows to the audience, then disappears.
This fountain is named Little Squirt, and its solo performance is to honor Walt Disney himself, as it embodies his artistic and mischievous spirit.

Leia’s Corruptible Mortal State

Deviantart’s Khallion has posted this Haunted Mansion stretch-gallery/Star Wars mashup that seems to have dropped in from an alternate universe in which the Mansion gets a Star Wars skin.

Etsy seller The Shadow Studio makes hand-cut paper silhouettes including this fabulous Haunted Mansion stretch-gallery tightrope walker.

Study carefully the emblem for Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. In the middle of the giant sequoia is a Hidden Mickey. Once you recognize it, you’ll see this Hidden Mickey everywhere.

The Jungle Cruise Story…
History tells us that a Victorian house was built in this remote area of the jungle in 1911 to serve as the last outpost of civilization for explorers venturing into the jungle.

The owner of the building saw the potential for a successful business and created the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. – a place for locals to post and receive mail, enjoy a civilized pot of tea and read the three-week-old newspaper.

Unfortunately, in the late 1920s the owner had to leave due to illness and the building remained vacant for several years. Then one day, a group of enterprising adventurers purchased the house to use as a base for their new jungle transportation company. The business did well enough that they were able to add on a second story and invest in the latest technologies, like shortwave radio.

But the Great Depression significantly impacted their business and they were barely able to stay … afloat. While other businesses throughout the jungle packed it in, these adventurers remained, delivering mail and freight to the few remaining outposts.

Their luck soon turned around when a well-known Hollywood film director found their outpost and asked them to escort him down the river while he filmed the local wildlife.

After he paid generous wage for their services, the owners realized they had a profitable tourism business on their hands – or rather, their docks. New skippers were hired, and new steamers purchased, to lead well-to-do travelers who would enjoy and hopefully survive these tours departing daily into the jungle.

Today the Jungle Cruise still welcomes tourists who are daring enough to brave the piranha-infested waters, head-hunting natives, twelve-inch (in some cases even one-foot) butterflies and if they’re lucky, the backside of water.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour into the story of the Jungle Cruise.
If you did, my name is Erin … if you didn’t, my name is Tyler.

"To all who come to this happy place, welcome."

With those words, Walt Disney opened the gates to his dream, Disneyland, on July 17, 1955 — 59 years ago Thursday.

Quite a milestone when you think that many predicted the theme park wouldn’t survive its first year.

• Disneyland’s 1 millionth guest arrived Sept. 8, 1955, less than two months after opening day.

• The 5 millionth guest arrived Oct. 4, 1956.

• The 10 millionth guest arrived Dec. 31, 1957.

• The 100 millionth guest arrived June 17, 1971.

• The 500 millionth guest was welcomed Jan. 8, 2004.

It is possible that the total attendance for both parks will hit 750 million guests sometime during the Diamond Celebration in 2015.