Off To Never Land....

Think of a wonderful thought....
the Dapper Dans, churros, fresh hot popcorn, the Flag Retreat Ceremony, the wildest ride in the wilderness, sitting at the Hungry Bear waving at passerbys on the Mark Twain, the brakes needing a little work, the room actually stretching, nightly fireworks, the Frontierland music loop, Shrunken Ned, Dole Whips, Scot Bruce rocking and rolling at the Tomorrowland Terrace, and on and on....all of the wonderful things Disneyland contains that remind me of never growing up.

Benjamin Silverstein M.D.’s door is located on Disneyland’s Main Street next to a mezuzah. Benjamin was not a real person, rather, the facade was created specifically so that there would be a fitting place in the park to place Hanukkah decorations.

Tarzan’s Treehouse (formerly the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse), was modeled after a real tree. A Moreton Bay Fig that still stands less than two miles north of the park. The tree is located at 410 N. West Street in Anaheim.

Yo Ho…..
20 unsavory acts are mentioned in the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song “A Pirates Life for Me”
How many can you name?

Burning Up the City

In the Tower of Terror’s Library, look for the shelf with the books that are initialed T.Z.
Each one of those books contains the titles of the most popular episodes of the original Twilight Zone tv series.

Inside Disneyland’s Main Street Train Station, look for a shelf high overhead that serves as the station’s lost and found.
You’ll find a bone belonging to Pluto, the Genie’s lamp, the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, and several other familiar items…my favorite is a wooden leg engraved with the name “Smith,” a reference to a corny “Mary Poppins” joke.

I guess Houdini used marked playing cards in his tricks…..that ace in the Magic Shop window on Main Street USA looks a little suspicious to me.

Keep an eye out for hidden Ginger in the foliage on the far bank opposite the Indiana Jones Adventure exit path.

Captain Hook has long since abandoned sailing the high seas in favor of getting revenge on Peter Pan for ruining his life, that being, Peter cutting off Hook’s left hand and feeding it to Mr. Crocodile.
Of course, if could be argued that it’s all just a ruse….take a ride on Peter Pan’s Flight in Disneyland and watch the Captain’s hook go from right hand to left hand.

If you stick around for the very end of the World of Color Show at Disney’s California Adventure, keep your eye out for one fountain in particular.
After all the other fountains turn off, one little orange fountain remains on for a couple seconds as it bows to the audience, then disappears.
This fountain is named Little Squirt, and its solo performance is to honor Walt Disney himself, as it embodies his artistic and mischievous spirit.

Leia’s Corruptible Mortal State

Deviantart’s Khallion has posted this Haunted Mansion stretch-gallery/Star Wars mashup that seems to have dropped in from an alternate universe in which the Mansion gets a Star Wars skin.